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Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and sisters of disabled children and young people are almost always left out of the equation when it comes to looking at the family experience of living with impairment and disablement.

Yet brothers and sisters have a unique and immensely valuable perspective. Brothers and sisters usually know each other really well and are able to put forward a different view to the parental perspective. This view will often be more apposite with respect to thinking about the relevance of age on aspirations and experience.

The inability of current services to make a sustained difference to the lives of disabled children results in distress and inequality for their brothers and sisters too. They tell us they want an ordinary experience of family life - they want to hang out with their friends and have quality time with their mum and dad.

Melanie Philipson, an inspirational parent of two young adults, talks aboutthe lengths she has to go in order to secure a fulfilling life for her disabledson. This short audio clip demonstrates the gap between the needs of familiesand the way support is organised by the state.

To hear the audio clip please click here: Melanie's audio clip

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Are you a brother or sister with a story to tell? If so, we would love to hear from you!

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