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Check it Out!

Check it Out! is a project bringing disabled and non-disabled children together to see what happens when they try out a range of leisure activities together.

The children came up with six essentials standards for service providers to follow in order for them to deliver a service for ALL children.

Every time I've been ice skating I've seen nobody with a disability.

They were really fun and friendly and they all really understood about the disabilities

We like den building 'cos it's so much fun and we even made a house.

When I'm swimming I feel free.

The bike is really fast and I can ride it by myself and it's the best bike I've ever had in my whole life.

I love laughing, making friends, having fun!

The children came up with six essentials if an activity was to pass their Check it Out! test

1. A warm welcome

2. Everyone getting in

3. Everyone joining in

4. Doing things differently

5. Making new friends

6. Having fun

The children found that it is only possible for everyone to have a good time if all these six elements are in place.
Check it Out! is a collaboration between Children's Voices, Equal Voices and ibk initiatives.

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The Check it Out! pack contains a DVD showcasing the children’s visits and findings, and a booklet that contains helpful pointers so you can undertake your own Check It Out mission!
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"I love laughing, making friends, having fun!"