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Ellen Tinkham School, Exeter

Staff at Ellen Tinkham School in Exeter have been working with ibk initiatives for the past five years to develop an alternative pedagogy for learning.

After trying out different tools based on a personalised approach to learning, we have come up with a model for engagement and self direction that enables individual empowerment and systemic change. The model being tried and tested at Ellen Tinkham Special School is specifically designed to transform education for disabled children and young people to give them higher expectations and aspirations. This Self Direction Model of education allows children, young people and families to take control of their lives and learning.

Although designed for education, the Self Direction Model can be adapted for use within health and social care as it gives us a new DNA structure allowing organisations to offer genuine personalised education and support alongside systemic advocacy.

Learn to Live: self-direction for children and young people is about a new way of teaching and learning that leads to a personalised Single plan for children and young people with additional needs. The plan is family led and is designed to ensure that all services respond to the family’s needs and aspirations.  

"Learn to Live" was launched in November 2011 in Devon and in Westminster.

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"We are safeguarding the right of our students to become independent, responsible, successful citizens by empowering them to access real opportunities and new experiences in preparation for a meaningful and fulfilling life."
Leadership Team, Ellen Tinkham School