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Talbot Specialist School, Sheffield

Personalised Transition is a radical new reform which started at Talbot Specialist School in partnership with Sheffield City and NHS Sheffield. 

The model was first implemented in 2007 and is now being extended across the Yorkshire and Humber region.

For the first time ever young people and families have been able to control individual budgets from social care, health care and education. Families have experienced marked improvements in their lives and the lives of their sons and daughters. Young people with severe disabilities are finding work, getting more involved in community life and having better lives.

Each year staff come together with their colleagues in health and social care to evaluate the process and outcomes. Pippa is presently talking to all the families whose sons and daughters have just left Talbot School to see how they found the process and what the outcomes are in these early days of leaving school. The report from this work will inform future developments.

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Personalised Transition: innovations in health, education and support by Alison Cowen describes a new way of offering support to disabled young people as they leave school. Personalised Transition is a system enabling young people with complex support needs to leave school and achieve citizenship within their local communities.

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