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Supervision is an important part of building, supporting, improving and maintaining our teams.

Having a good PA can transform a young person's life. Sadly however, being a PA is not a job that is valued in our society. In general the work is low paid, there is no career structure and PAs can find themselves isolated. This  makes their employers - disabled young people - vulnerable. As part of our drive to improve the status of PA work and to attract more people to get involved in the work we offer supervision for PAs.

Where there are teams of PAs, we recommend monthly supervision. We have now been supervising groups of PAs for over three years and find that regular supervision, delivered by an experienced practitioner, encourages independence & autonomy of PAs; ensures quality and consistency across a team of PAs; allows for PAs to arrange any necessary cover (e.g. annual leave and unpredicted absence); helps keep the voice of the young person at the centre of their work; can initiate new ways of working; gives PAs confidence; helps retain PAs; and provides an independent perspective. When high quality supervision is put in place, PAs tend to stay longer and, when they do leave, end their time well.

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