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If You Listen to Me, I'll Listen to You!

Communication is about expressing myself and listening to others.

In a collaboration between Children's Voices, Equal Voices and ibk initiatives, a  group of disabled and non-disabled children have made an inspiring DVD exploring the different ways we communicate with each other. The children discovered for themselves  the importance of finding ways to involve and listen to ALL children.
We are all the same. We are all human beings. We all have thoughts and feelings.

We all can be friends forever, when we talk together.

We all have our own ways of communicating.

I love to be understood. I love to understand.

People make me angry when they don't listen to me.

Having a disability makes it harder to do things.

In my music group was Declan, Ambra and me. I was a bit worried because he doesn't talk. I am not sure what he is going to want to play. Finally something did happen and I knew what he wanted. His face looked happy when he had the drumstick, so I thought he might have wanted that. So I just gave him the chance to do that.

If we didn't even listen the world would stop going round and we wouldn't even have friends.

Communication is about showing people how we feel, who we are, and then somebody else can do that as well.

If You Listen To Me DVD

This inspiring DVD comes with a booklet giving detail on the issues raised and practical ways of involving and listening to both disabled and non-disabled children.

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"We all have our own ways of communicating."
Batool, Aged 11, 2010