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Of Course We Can!

Gloucestershire County Council’s Aiming High for Disabled Children’s Pathfinder Team set up the pilot project – Of Course We Can! - with the aim of transforming short breaks for disabled children and young people.

The aim of the work was to bring disabled and non disabled children together to take part in a range of activities. Some of the activities were adventurous, others were relaxing. ibk was lucky enough to work on an external evaluation of the project.

Everyone involved in the project gained in one way or another. Young people made new friends; children learned new skills; parents discovered their sons and daughters could do things they had never thought were possible; providers learned that it was fun to include disabled children; Gloucestershire County Council found out that they could extend the boundaries of the provision of short break services further than they had ever imagined. And best of all, everyone had a good time!

The best thing was being with friends and having a well-organised event. Thank you!

(Young person)
It was nice to see our son being with other children without us there and gain confidence from being with others.

I learned how to deal with disabled people, and I learned that everyone has a personality no matter if they are disabled or not. I realise that everyone can do the same things whether they have an able body or not. Thank you.(Young person)

I have never worked with disabled young people before but I have realised they are no different and I now want to do this for a job. Thank you for this opportunity.(Volunteer)

This pilot was great training for us. We’ve come such a long way in such a short time and we want to do it again. We wouldn’t have been able to find out all this without going through this pilot project, so thank you Gloucestershire County Council.(Provider)

Of Course We Can from ibk initiatives on Vimeo.

Of Course We Can is a DVD made by Gloucestershire County Council to show some of their innovative work under Aiming High for Disabled Children.
The work in Gloucestershire is continuing. We will give more information about their new programme of work as it develops.

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"I liked abseiling and white water rafting. I like a bit of adventure and trying out things that are a bit dangerous."

Calum, aged 11