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People say that children with disabilities can't cope in normal schools.
That's wrong.
They can cope.
They have friends.
They blend in.

People say they won't cope because they don't want children with disabilities in their schools.
They don't like them because they are different.
That's wrong.
We're all human beings.
We're all the same.

Children with disabilities might not be able to do algebra and long division.
Some can't count.
Some can't read or write.
Some can't sit still long enough for all the assembly.
Some other kids can't do these things, but they let those in.

The whole point of school is to learn what you don't know and to play with your friends and to make new friends.
Not letting children with disabilities in is stopping them from making new friends and it's stopping us from making more friends as well.

Joe Jenkinson

(Coping was first published in 2000 in Telling Our Own Stories: reflections on family life in a disabling world by Parents with Attitude)

Coping  © Joe Jenkinson 2000.

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