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What having a Personal Assistant means to me

Before I had a PA I felt very down all the time because I wasn't getting out very much, and if I was it was with my mum. And although that was alright it wasn't giving me the confidence and independence that I will need for later life.

However, after a while I realised that although I didn't want to be relying on my mum all the time, I wasn't ready to be 100% independent when it came to going places. I think that is one of the main reasons why the idea of having a PA interested me and I feel was the best way forward because although I was not relying on my mum all the time, I am not alone and I have someone to be with me if I need help with anything.

Although I've only been out with my PA three times so far, I understand why it is very beneficial for the people who are in need of the freedom that comes second nature to some people. Also, for the parents as well, because they will have more time to themselves. Finally, it could also be seen as beneficial for the PAs themselves because it brings a bit more cash into their bank.

I hope you can see that the PA system in itself is very beneficial for people and their families.

Holly Webster, aged 16

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